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BioArt – uniting science and art 

BioArt is a new trend in modern art wherein artists work with living tissues, bacteria, genetic technologies, microorganisms, and other natural materials. This theme will be a key component of our festival’s creative session. 

BioArt has just taken off in Kazakhstan, so you’ll get to be one of the first attendees of the interactive displays, fascinating lectures, and vibrant exhibition of the ART&SCIENCE session. 

The organizer of the artistic residence at our festival is the YEMAA Center. 

YEMAA is a multidisciplinary open space founded in the city of Atyrau in 2021. The main area of the center's work is contemporary culture, including literature, poetry, fine arts, music, science and cinema, as well as providing support for artists’ career trajectories.

In the summer, the center held an artist residency called "The Fifth Element.” The space gathered young artists from all corners of Kazakhstan to learn, research and create BioArt works together. 

The authors of the project have inspired artists to new heights, and now our guests have the opportunity to see the world of Art&Science from a new angle at PRO.NRG FEST. Participants will also be the first to view the work of mentor-in-residence Laura Rodríguez, a Mexican artist and biotechnologist.

Come join us at PRO.NRG FEST!

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