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Festival themes

We believe that curiosity and a spirit of discovery are valuable qualities that you can develop alongside your children, and our festival is designed with such an opportunity in mind. All day long there will be interactive shows and performances on the stage in the main hall that will transport you and your family into the world of science and technology, a land of exciting discoveries and new knowledge.

You’ll witness real scientists and researchers in action, while being able to ask questions and even participate in experiments. We offer you an unforgettable experience full of interactive demonstrations, immersive experiences and engaging lectures that will allow you and your children to experience science in a new way.

You’ll meet innovative educators who create space for creativity and exploration in the classroom. They use cutting-edge educational technologies to make learning fun and effective. With them, you’ll dive into the world of interactive lessons, experiments, creative projects and unusual activities.

You’ll get to see how artists visualize and bring science to life through BioArt. This trend highlights the aesthetics and beauty of complex ideas and recent developments, and allows you to literally touch science in action. Interactive shows and Art&Science master classes await you.

Your children will put on their researcher hats in special interactive zones where they’ll participate in gamified experiments in robotics, engineering and scientific creativity. The most active participants will earn "joules" that they can later exchange for brainy prizes.

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update: 26.07.2023


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