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Why is science always there? Let's step over the edge of the ordinary!

How the things that surround us every day really work often remains a mystery. We constantly see and use them, turn them on and off, and buy and sell them. In short, we can’t live without them –like the mobile phones we use to communicate, the jeans we wear, and the food we have on the table.

How can we find out the stories behind ordinary objects and phenomena, involving history, chemistry, technology and so much more? Let's start by asking simple questions about each object – what principles lie behind how it all works? Who invented it, and how? And what if…?

Scientists, inventors and teachers help us to step beyond the simple questions. They teach us to find solutions to the problems of everyday life while also looking for answers to the mysteries of the universe. Take a broader look at the world at the PRO.NRG FEST family science festival, where schoolchildren and their parents become curious explorers and scientists and teachers explain complex things in simple terms.

Follow us into the scientific world of exciting discoveries and new knowledge!

PRO.NRG FEST is a large-scale popular science event that is the capital’s brainiest family-friendly weekend. Our mission is to charge you and your children up with the energy of knowledge, as well as lay the foundations for scientific and critical thinking.

PRO.NRG FEST is an educational and networking platform for STEAM teachers. We will show you how to make your lessons inspiring, how to apply a multidisciplinary approach, and how to implement project-based and creative learning on your own.

PRO.NRG FEST is a lecture hall for everyone who is interested in science and the mysteries of our universe. Our scientists and popular science communicators will talk simply about complex things, conduct science shows and experiments, and foster your participation in master classes.

PRO.NRG FEST is a way to help education administrators and ed-tech startups look into the future. Here you will learn about the latest educational trends and, most importantly, how to implement STEAM principles in your school or organization, so that the potential of students and teachers reach new heights.

PRO.NRG FEST is a launching pad for your future, rich with the power of knowledge!

Time and venue

September 9th, 2023
Dvorets shkolnikov im. Al-Farabi
(Al-Farabi Schoolchildren’s Palace), B. Momyshuly Boulevard 5

Festival organizers:

One of the world's leading companies in integrated energy. We believe that human energy is one of our planet’s most important resources and it should be developed and maintained.

Caravan of Knowledge
We promote STEAM education in Kazakhstan, professional teacher development, teaching students flexible and professional skills and expanding the boundaries of their knowledge.
The first media platform in Kazakhstan for discussing the latest trends in modern education and parenting. It’s important for us to develop critical thinking in children and motivate them to get involved with science.

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