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Let's talk about science
in simple language
Let's show how the energy
of knowledge is born

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Look around and notice that everything in the world is filled with energy. Any kind of matter contains energy. Any actions can be measured with energy. Energy never disappears, it just goes from one form to another. PRO.NRG FEST is the first festival in Kazakhstan dedicated to science, art and technology - an educational weekend for the whole family. Let's light up the world around us with the power of knowledge! More details


Festival themes


How science is changing our world at this very moment. How science should be taught in schools. We’ll explain complex concepts and ideas that everyone needs to know, but in a simple way. More details

How science uses art to describe the way we see the world. We’ll show how creative tools can help both children and adults learn something new. More details

How digital technology is changing our daily lives and how we learn, work and think. How to bring innovation to education. More details

How one person’s energy can change an entire industry - from education to start-ups. How teachers can boost their skills and find new ways to grow their career. More details

Looking to the future means taking care of today in order to find success tomorrow. How to grow your potential and gain skills that will always be in demand. More details
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Festival events

Global Challenge

The festival will host the national stage of one of the largest robotics competitions, FIRST Global Challenge!
The team that wins at the national stage will receive the right to represent Kazakhstan at the world championship in Geneva, competing with more than 190 teams from 160 countries! Come and support your team!
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Creative Teachers Exhibition

Scientific STEAM projects and educational solutions from the best teachers in Kazakhstan. They’ll share their experience, hold workshops and demonstrate interesting ways to teach classes or explain complex scientific laws to kids.
Physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, computer science and other school subjects have never been so fun and interesting! Come and get inspired!
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Star-studded Concert

Exciting musical performances from some of today’s hottest stars - Yenlik, Dudeontheguitar, Jeltoksan and ARShAT.
Award ceremony and festival sign-off. Dance party and prizes for the most active festival guests.
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Pop-science scavenger hunts for kids

Lectures, workshops, discussions

Art installations and performances

Science shows and rides

Prizes for the most active participants

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